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andrew-goodwin Once more into this moment
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What may be the idea to the unknown parts of our hearts expression.

Question to Our hearts

Love is neither kind or gentle Wakens your heart with a force that keeps us alive

Love hurts in the deepest wound Shows us that we can feel It does not show mercy on the weak it will torment you when you sleep and threw your dreams you can never hide

No shadow or mask to trick it It's threw years and lives beyond galaxies that it endlessly travels threw us all

It is time The past present and future Will live in us and a thousand years after

Love is every where In the rose garden kept by a soft soul In the smile of a stranger In the stars as we gaze together on a mid summers night

Love is in you When you look at me Love is beyond what a reflection shows and words say

Love is not tied to shape or size It does not have boundaries for it does not judge It cannot judge its self It is perfect in all it is for what it is nothing more or less

You have consumed my mind and I've found love in everything I do My life has a purpose

One thing that I know what love is Fear The fear that I will never see you when I wake up Fear that I cannot be there when you cry to catch the tears from falling

Fear to never hear your voice again to kiss you on the lips Taste love I've never been so scared to loose someone in my entire life

Love is boundless to the laws of time Love is not a human thing It cannot be bound to any rules

I have found love in you Even tho I may not know you I want you to know that my heart hurts when I'm not with you That you are the most important person in my life

I love you AWG

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