Question of my existence AWG
Question of my existence 

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andrew-goodwin Once more into this moment
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Clear your heart and mind , remember that you are loved and every bit aprart of this world to make it genuine and unique take a moment to read what reminds me of love.

Question of my existence AWG

I cannot love you many things lost

unseen , unheard


I do not love you as tears form from

broken sky’s Fall upon dry Sands

fallen though the Beyond To be forgotten

Amongst time into an abyss

Of broken hearts

I do not love you as

To only gaze upon which light brighten and shadows fall

For I love you as all things should be loved

though cracks and shadows Beyond your secret hold

I love you As Light brightens darkness

Fears that held you to never Believe in such love

I love you as to all things that Make you brilliant

All things Unique and special

Stands out amoungst all others to shine

through all darken paths Rays beam upon to warm heart

For all things to find hope

All scars I would love you

I love you without all complexities

I love you because I know no other way than this

for my hands upon yours

my heart entwined in your soul for For I feel so close

that when your eyes close I fall asleep.

For I love you as things lost

are Found

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