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As the title indicates

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Her Secret Cam

The discomfort of feeling uncomfortable

Turned her into a spy for her own cause

The constant image of him with another

Inflicting wounds of pleasure

With his fingertips

And the sipping of her lips

With soft touches

And pink blushes

She could feel chills down her spine

Although not the one to which he was being kind

The image played on a loop

Only a fraction she could scoop

As he kissed another woman deep and passionately

Her rage grew into a mountain of crazy

As he willingly plants kisses on her moist lips

She watched as he rubs her hidden places

In the darkness of her room

Unconcerned for who treats him special

He was enjoying another woman’s sweetness

While she suffers from lack of satisfaction

Begging each night in her mind for his touch

Touching him softly hoping he would stay close

Now she watches him making her orgasm the fourth time

She saw his fingers go into places

Places that make her places want to go places

His fingers fit into other places

And the faces were of pleasureful aces

Sliding freely in and out of slippery places

While the wife is left to be as tight as new braces

She cried as his tongue explores her clitoris

In small gentle circles

She had begged him to try this but he wasn’t interested

Now she thinks she is not worthy of such pleasure

Which he gives to another while she watches off-site

Her flaming magic button throbs all night

As he takes his time to search for another orgasm

And another she got as he savors the taste

Of her juices another time with a grinning face

He got lost in her presence

Deep into her reverence

A sign he wants her more than his wife

She wants him more than any other man

Even after seeing his exploits first hand

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