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My first ever poem. It’s about me, and what love did to me. It’s not perfect, I know.


Didn’t give me a chance, but you gave him three.

Only chance you gave, was to hurt me.

I let it happen, once or twice.

Now I’m thinking, are you worth the time?

Are you worth the fight?

No matter what I say. I cant fool myself.

Love is the book, and you’re the shelf.

Dreams are gifts, and you’re Santa’s Elf.

I’m the mistake, you took on yourself.


Sometimes I think I’m the reason you privated your account.

But when I look in the mirror and say I don’t miss you, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

You’re the person I cant live without.

That’s why I keep coming back to you.

Hoping for a chance, hoping we’d workout.

You said you were working on yourself.

Getting better, stronger.

Just didn’t know that’d mean loving me would take a bit longer.

I hit you up, in hopes of love.

I was left with nothing but a message from above,

“Leave. You’re not worthy.”

“Leave. You’re not worth it.”

“Leave. You’re hated.”

“Leave. You’re not perfect.”

Depression hit, I was suicidal.

Left myself, became vile

Wasn’t myself for awhile

Friends noticed, took action

Told them to buzz off

Ran out of attraction.

Stopped caring. I lost myself.

Words blaring. Hated myself.

Started running. Couldn’t find myself.

Ran so fast, but I couldn’t find it.

Someone stopped me, looked at me.

I started crying.

They asked “Why? What’re you looking for? I don’t know what you see.”

“I’m looking for the breath that she took from me.”

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