Stranger in Sight!
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I thought life ended when she left me. I was struggling on keeping myself alive and I ended up just existing and barely living.

I never thought that another stranger just managed to destroy every barrier I've made.

Stranger in Sight!

Another one night stand.

I was aimlessly walking when I remembered my life for the past 3 years. I've been a wreck and am still. I was a self-destructive human being who were only existing rather than living.

I've been like this since she left me for another woman.

I tried to find someone as suitable as her but to my luck, all I came across to always ended up as one time thing.

The first ones weren't though, I tried to keep the relationship but at the end of the day she was still the one I was hoping to have. But it was impossible. She already moved on with her life.

I reached my parents' place and knocked at the door. I was waiting for someone to open up when my phone buzzed. I opened the message as my brows rose from confusion.

"Where are you?" It asked

"Who are you?" I rolled my eyes in annoyance. The door in front of me opened and I saw my mom glaring at me.

I know what's running in her head so I muttered a little apology and escaped my way to my room.

I can hear my mom muttering profanities when my phone buzzed again. It said that he was 'Patrick' and he was inviting me to a party.

Why would I go with an unknown man?

"If you forgot. I was the guy you left earlier." Should I text him? No.

It wasn't just the party, I know, and I never hooked up with the same person twice.

Since I learnt that I'm not capable of love - until further notice - I built my walls up so no one can hurt me again.

The days passed by fast that I thought I just blinked once and it was already Friday.

Most of the students exchanged little chat of how glad they were that it was already the end of this dreading week.

"Andrea!" I turn around and glared at my friend. I knew what he's up to. He'll be inviting me again for another party that will happen later or maybe tomorrow.

"Can you lower your voice Joseph?" I pushed pass him but he follows me around until we reached the parking lot. "I already told you that I'll pass this one."

"You haven't heard me yet. What makes you think that I'll be inviting you?" I just stared at him. He can't fool me.

I know him to well that I can tell what's running in his head with just one look. "What?" He asked me as he looked around.

I was just looking at him and I don't see anyone in sight that he could be mistaken I was staring at.

"Moron." I scoffed and opened my car's door. Joseph ran around the car and helped himself in.

"Come on Andrea. This guy was throwing a big a*s party." I looked at him and saw a lopsided smile plastered on his face. I just huffed in defeat and nodded my head.

It was already night and I honked my horn to catch Joseph's attention. When he spun around, his frown turned into a wide smile as he happily hopped in.

"I thought you weren't going to make it." He mumbled while putting his seatbelt on. "Why did you brought your car? You never when it's a party."

"Nothing." I deadpanned. I'm not going tell him that I'm not drinking. I'm sure he's going to shove drinks down my throat if I did.

We arrived at the place and I could feel the earth shaking with how loud the music was. It did not help that the bass was strong enough for an earthquake.

"This is totally sick!" Joseph beamed in happiness as he excitedly jumped out the car and dragged the bored me inside the mansion.

As we made it inside, I could tell that the party was on full swing.

'It was still early.' I thought to myself and glanced at my wrist watch. It was close to nine and it was really early for this party to be like this. I can't believe I am here.

I could tell that the guests where years younger than me. They maybe on their teens and maybe some of them were in their twenties but not close to mine.

"Did you just brought me to a party with bunch of kids?" I shouted at Joseph so he could hear me. He rolled his eyes and mutter something that only 'grandma' made it to my head.

I can't hear him but I could read how his lips formed at that word.

As we made it to the kitchen, he greeted his friends and introduced me.

They all eyed me like I am a dish served to them but I'm not in the mood for another one night stand when I can't get rid of this guy called 'Patrick' bothering me the entire week.

When Joseph was occupied enough, I escaped my way to the backyards at sat at one of the bean bags sprawled at the lawn. I was having a moment and my eyes were close when I heard a voice.

"Fancy seeing you here Andrea." My eyes snapped open and I saw the stranger I slept last week. I was doing my best to avoid his calls and messages but I guess the world hate me enough.

"Oh god." I murmured and stood up. I'm going to escape this little bump when he held me by my wrist that made me look at him. I pulled my best b*tch face and waited for him to speak up.

"Would you like to have a drink with me?" He asked with a little hope in his eyes. My action speaks louder than my word and I guess he noticed that.

I just hope he also anticipated that I am going to turn him down.

"No, thank you." I pulled my wrist from his grasp and made my way inside the mansion. I guess I could use some drink after that little scene.

I found myself making out with someone and I could hear the cheers around us. Joseph's voice being the loudest and I think the blaring sound died down.

In one swift moment, I found myself running while chuckling. I was running with the stranger called 'Patrick' and I don't know why I was running away with him and where we were going.

I just found myself pinned against the door of a familiar apartment as his hands were firmly pressed against mine just above my head.

The next day, I woke up at the same time I did whenever I just hooked up. I look beside me to see if the man was still asleep so I could escape, again, but to my dismay the bed was empty.

I quietly made my way out of the bedroom but I just bumped into a huge wall - I mean man that was standing in front of me.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asks as he stepped forward and I stepped back.

"Home. I need to go." I tried to make a run but I bumped at his toned chest. "Step aside."

"No, I've been looking for you for a week now. I just can't let you slip away again from me."

"What's the matter with you? This is all wrong." I glared at him, mad for being hold up. "The first one was just a one time thing, but it happening again was wrong. I don't do relationsh*t!"

"I know that. You made a name with us guys. But I don't mind that. I don't know what's gotten into me but as I laid my eyes on you I knew that I don't want anyone.

Our first night was the best night I had for years and I'm not going to just let it walk away." He stepped forward again and in a matter of second his lips was already in mine.

This horny body of mine reacted to his touch and for the nth time of the morning we hooked up.

It's already been a month and Patrick haven't back down. He's been bothering me for the whole month and I hate to admit it, I love the attention he was giving me.

I talked to one of my friends and told her that I wanted it to give it a shot.

I did not explain why but I'm not going to lie that he made me feel special, more special than I ever had with 'her'. He treated me like a queen.

But I also told her that I don't want my love story to be like a wattpad sh*t and she just laughed at me asking what's wrong with that.

Now, I was sitting across the guy that's been taking me out to dates. He's not the cliche kind and I found it amusing. I thought he was just the same just like the others but no.

He take me to dates, more like a manly date where hiking were included.

We even dated at a skate rink, biked at the highways and he let me drive - no, he taught me how to drive,

and we even went into this cult thingy that we just got curious at when he mentioned it to me. When I remember that day I could still feel the cringe it gave me.

We left that little cult session laughing at how ridiculous it was. I like his company.

"What are you thinking?" He asked. Worry was visible in his eyes as I fell silent. We were sitting at the back of his trunk and sightseeing the busy streets.

"I was thinking on how I'll murder you in this isolated place." I joked that made him chuckle. His deep chuckle that I learned to like. It was as attractive as he is.

I could feel my heart hurting as tears started to form. I was overwhelmed with what he's doing to me.

"Hey." He stood up infront of me and held my face, making my head tilt up so he could meet my eyes. "Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?" See? He's too sweet and caring for me.

"No. You didn't." I was thinking if I should admit it. I've been trying to cover the feelings away but I was numb too long that when the feelings surfaced it was too much that it scares me.

"You can tell me anything. You know that right?" He caressed my cheeks lightly and I love how warm his hand is.

"I - I'm scared." I stammered.

"What are you scared of?"

"You." His eyes widen in shock as he stepped back giving me space. "Not like that. I'm terrified on what you're doing to me. You make me feel things that were long gone and it scares me.

I'm a wreck. I don't want to get worse Patrick."

He breathed out and bit his lower lip as he closed the space between us and held my hand. He was just staring at it before he spoke softly. "You're not a wreck Andrea. You're perfect.

I know the feeling of being afraid that someone might hurt you again. I've been there, but everything I built were shattered into pieces when I met you.

" He placed light kisses on my palms and looked at me in the eyes. "I can't ignore the opportunity when it was presented to me."

I wasn't able to come up with a reply. I just pulled him by his neck and slammed my lips against his. Everything that I wanted to tell him was placed with the kiss.

I am afraid, but I can't be afraid forever. Someday or somehow, I need to let someone in and for the second time in my life, I placed my heart on the line.

Learning to trust and eventually letting myself fall in love one more time.

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