The End By: Me (Andi409)
The End
By: Me (Andi409) stories

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This is a poem I wrote, I would love to know what you think about it!

The End By: Me (Andi409)

“Am I depressed?”, the woman asks herself

“Do I need to see a doctor for my brain?”

“Is there something about me that is broken?”

“Something about me that could be deemed insane?”

“Do I have anxiety?”, the woman again asks herself

“Is this why I’m always scared”

“Is there something about me that messed up”

“Or am I just never prepared?”

“Hi, my names Andi, and I’ll be your doctor”

“Please sit down, take your seat”

“Today I’ll be assessing your mental health”

“When I’m done I’ll have achieved quite the feat”

“Please don’t me scared of me”

“I’m only here to help”

“And I only want the best for you”

“So you don’t do go to hell”

“Now today we’ll try something different”

“Tell me, have you ever tried pot”

“Oh, please relax, it’ll be quite quick”

“I mean, it’s only one shot”

“This is Andi, I need to report a breakout”

“Subject 3-6-9’s gotten away”

“It shouldn’t be hard to catch them”

“There high on pot anyway”

“You little, worthless patient”

“Did you think you could get away”

“You came here for help”

“And it’ll take forever, so forever you’ll stay”

“Oh, please don’t start crying”

“There’s no need to be scared”

“These tools only hurt a little bit”

“Cause I’ve trained you, and I’m sure you’re prepared”

“Relax, if doesn’t hurt that bad”

“Only a little blood and bones”

“But I guess they way that I do it”

“You’d have proffered I’d have just left you alone”

“Subject 3-6-9, time of death”


“You did so well my patient”

“You truly saw it through till’ the end”

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