the senses
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ancientpoet who needs sleep when you can write.
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A poem about gender, confusion and identity.

the senses

Some times I sit alone and I think:

Being a woman would just be my kink

And I wish my body would just fall down zink

Some times i talk to others and i say:

I don't wanna go down the lawful way

And I hope they keep those politicians at bay

Some times I sit on a bench and I see:

Homeless people who need money

And other people who Find it funny

Some times on my phone hear:

The kind of music that is art to my ear

The kind of music that fils parents with fear

Some times I eat Dinner and all I taste:

Is why pretty Women must walk with haste

I taste how much I have been misplaced

Sometimes I'm in my room and I feel:

Feel like I'm walking on a banana Peel

Feel like I'm to old for a good meal

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