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A man is locked in a room with an orangutan. He is not a trainer.

An Unlikely Friend

A man is locked in a room with an orangutan. He is not a trainer.

The orangutan is asleep.

Scared to death of the orangutan he started talking to himself in a quiet, low voice so as not to wake the orangutan.

'I must get out of here', said the man, 'or I am dead for sure.'

The man is sweating uncontrollably. He's wondering how can he get out of the room without waking the orangutan.

'The room is locked and if I break a window, I will surely wake it up', said the man.

The orangutan is actually pretending to be asleep, she's listening to every word.

'If it wakes up, it will definitely kill me.', said the man.

'Not "it". She.'

'Who said that?!', the man was startled.

'And why would I kill you? You have done nothing wrong.', the orangutan opened her eyes, sat up and looked at the man.

The man fell, thud on the floor.

He's unconscious.

A while later he came to and heard someone singing.

The voice is singing I'm still standing by Elton John.

He opened his eyes to see who's singing and saw the orangutan swaying her hips back and forth with her hands way up high.

She's dancing to the song she's singing and she's so into it that she didn't notice that the man had already woken up and is now staring at her.

He sits up and looks at her, puzzled. 'This is a dream.', he thought to himself.

The orangutan caught the man gawking at her and stopped dancing. She gave a nervous laugh.

'I love that song', she said, 'Don't you?'

'Oh my God! This ape can sing, dance and has a British accent.', thought the man. 'I'm crazy.'

He clears his throat. 'So you can talk?', he says nervously.

'Yeah. So can you. ', stated the ape.

The man chuckles. 'No what I mean is...'

'Yeah. I know animals can't talk in your world. I'm not from here so yeah, I can talk.' she interrupted and then shrugged.

'So where are you from then?' the man asked.

'I'm from Apena.', answered the orangutan. 'It's about five times smaller than Earth. It's purple all over but the water and the ocean are just the same as Earth's.'

'Oh okay. I'm Guy. What's your name?' asked the man. He still thinks this is a dream.

'Ojaya.' she moved closer to Guy and shook his hand.

'Look. I was supposed to go to this other world to buy stuff for my grandma but I came here to Earth instead. I think the portal's broken or something so can you help me get back?'

'How am I supposed to do that?', asked Guy.

'Well, I can pretend to be your pet and you can take me out of this room and then we go look for a portal.' joked Ojaya.

'The room is locked.' said Guy flatly.

'We can go through that hole up there.' Ojaya is looking up at the opening in the ceiling beside an iron railing.

Guy looked up. 'Oh yeah, I didn't realize we're in a circus train.', he thought.

'Come on. Let's go before the train leaves.' and she jumped up and held on to the iron railing on the ceiling beside the opening and swung out of it.

Guy gave a try. He completely missed the iron railing and landed on a pile of hay. Ojaya peeked in from the hole and saw him lying on the pile of hay. She laughed and shook her head.

'You can use some of that hay as leverage then jump right up through the hole and I'll catch you.' she suggested.

'Yes thank you.' said Guy sarcastically. He couldn't believe he's getting pointers from an ape.

He moved some of the hay right under the hole, stepped on them, put his hands way up and jumped up through the hole. Ojaya grabbed his hands and pulled him up. They climbed down from the train.

Then they looked around to see if the coast is clear. Seeing that it is they ran into the bushes right beside the train tracks and hid there.

'So what now?' asked Guy.

'Well now we find my portal'

'Where is it?'

'It's in the lion's cage in the big cats' trailer.'

'What?!' Guy was terrified.

'Just kidding.' laughed Ojaya. 'You should have seen your face.', teased the orangutan.

'It's actually somewhere on the train tracks. So I'll be using my portal finder to detect the portal', she waved her hand in the air and a small pendant with a pink crystal in the center appeared.

Guy watched in amazement and flashed a nervous grin at Ojaya.

'It's okay, Guy. You're not crazy', said Ojaya in a soothing tone.

They waited for the train to leave and after a few minutes, the circus train started and left.

Afraid that she would get caught if she's seen on the train tracks; Ojaya decided to let Guy go find the portal for her.

'You go and find my portal and when you find it, give me a signal.' ordered Ojaya.

'Why me?', Guy's nervous.

'Cause you're human. Apes don't just hang around on train tracks on earth. I'll get caught.' pointed out Ojaya.

'Yeah, okay.' Guy's hesitant but he really wants to help.

Ojaya gives her pendant to Guy.

'Put it up in the air and if you see a purple light appear, wave at me', instructed Ojaya.

'Wait. How do you know the Elton John song and why do you have a British accent?', Guy's curiosity is killing him.

'Cause I stole a DVD of the animated movie Sing, in London when I was passing through Earth. Besides, I think the British accent is very sexy. Don't you?'

'Umm. Maybe. I once had a British girlfriend. It didn't work out.' he didn't know why he just said that.

'Sorry.' Ojaya gently pats him on the back.

Guy shrugged and gave a sigh. He's starting to like this friendly ape.

'What were you doing in the empty train cabin?' Ojaya asks.

Guy looked uncomfortable and suddenly turned white.

'I will never go back in there again. Thanks for helping me get out.' He gave a sigh of relief.

'No worries.' Ojaya smiled. She didn't think it was necessary to push for more details.

'Okay, enough questions. A train will arrive any minute now. So please go find my portal.' Ojaya's desperate to leave. Her grandmother must be worried about her. Time moves slower on Earth than in her world.

Guy nodded and walked up to the empty train tracks and put the pendant up.

A purple light shone a few meters ahead. He turned and waved at Ojaya with his other hand.

Ojaya quickly ran towards the portal.

She gave Guy a wink as she passed him and disappeared when she reached the purple light.

Guy put his hand down and realized that he's still holding on to the pendant.

'Funny', he thought, 'I've only known her for a few minutes and yet I miss her already.'

He looked at the pendant and got an idea.

Guy smiled to himself and walked away.

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