Accidents Happen
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After the pistol fell out of his pocket...

Accidents Happen

After the pistol fell out of his pocket, a little girl, about five years old picked it up and ran after him.

She caught up with him and gently tugged the back of his shirt.

He stopped, turned around and looked down at her.

She put up the gun to him and said, 'Sir, you dropped this.'

Being in a hurry he grabbed the gun.

The gun fired.

The little girl's lifeless body is now lying on the ground before him.

Shocked and confused, he cried, "Holy Shit!"

He forgot that he had cocked the gun before putting it in his pocket.

He also didn't realize that the little girl was pointing the gun at herself when she handed it to him.

The gun's muzzle was pointed right at her head.

He had killed her by accident.

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