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Your face from my memory Echoed back and fourth in time


Your face from my memory

Echoed back and fourth in time

It would not surrender

It would not retreat

Its traits knew no defeat

Now that i've translated you in words

Now that i've normalized you in reality

Now that i've kissed your right cheek hello

And felt your reluctant presence beside me

In that dark theatre

I can,

with all the defeat in me,

Write you goodbye

In a bleak letter addressed to myself

Black as the night that reunited us

Don't give me closure

I've become a poet in endings

Openings that were left open

Are the salt and bread of my days

Dotting the last letters of the last words

Is my epic

Muffling the rebounding echoes of sounds

Is my whiskey

Reuniting candles with darkness is my mastery

I play movies backwards

Until all of the beginnings are taken away

I paint over memories

Until they cry

Where the last tear closes the door

On everything that stood from that frame

Now it's hollow

Now it ends.

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