''It's you''
''It's you'' poetry stories

anastamir Community member
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''It's you''

There is no sun in the sky, there's only darkness around. There is not even a bird flying close by. There is no hope inside.

There are no children laughing, people here are all sad. ''How was your day?'', you ask but there is no answer in reply.

There are no lovers here. They left; they won't come back. The happy people are missing and they will never be found.

Joy is something you don't know about. The trees are burned; the flowers are all brown. The only thing you can see is dust. Grey and black are all around.

And then it's you, the only one who's trying. Your heart is beating fast, searching for a reason to stay alive. And then it's you, trying to save your smile.

Trying to hold on to a dead world, It's you who suffers every night.

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