this is not your destruction.
this is not your destruction. aspiringpoet stories

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this is not your destruction. <3

this is not your destruction.

for a star to be born, there is one thing that must occur above all else:

a gaseous nebula at its core must collapse under its own gravitational attraction, creating a pressure so great it initiates its own nuclear fusion, causing a mass explosion, the two nuclei atoms combining in order to form a new atom.

and so,



counter-react your own sense of gravity - don't let those trivial things, your gravity, hold you down in place anymore.

explode in your own nuclear fusion.

create new atoms - rebuilt yourself, let yourself heal.

not all original materials are rebuilt as a star - let things go, don't carry that hurt into the new you.

the collapse is not going to occur at a steady pace - your healing is never going to be linear, and that is okay.

a stars brightness may appear to vary - it is okay to have a bad day, as long as you don't resign in it.

episodic increases in brightness are caused by interactions between the magnetic field and the surrounding gas field - only you can choose the good. how people treat you matters, so don't ever think it doesn't.

and so,

this is not your destruction.

this is your beginning. - e

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