i'm sorry
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i'm sorry <3

i'm sorry

i'm sorry for always

smelling like coffee and fabric softener and blueberries and depression,

and for staring at you all of the time (i can't help it, really),

and for laughing so loud it's obnoxious,

and for playing the music so loud you feel like you're going deaf,

and for the constant awkwardness that makes up my demeanour,

and for the stubbornness over every little thing that you used to try on me (i know it must have been frustrating, and for that, i'm sorry),

and for the messy writing that i know you could never read (despite how you had tried to convince me you could, it's okay),

and for the baggage (i'm sorry, i know it's a lot to shoulder that you never should have had to),

and for having a shaky, stuttering, cracking voice when you tell me beautiful words that just weren't meant for people like me. - e

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