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Saying goodbye is difficult, especially when you’ve poured your heart out to the pages of your diary.

My Diary

My diary holds my secrets, My thoughts and feelings, too. If only I could tell you, You’d find out I love you.

I stare at you across the room and jump when I hear your voice.

I think of you every night. What you’re really like and what you do.

Only my diary knows my thoughts, only it knows I love you.

I see you stare at other girls, And it breaks my heart in two.

This quarantine has kept us apart, I can only think of you. I can’t hear your voice, See your smile, Or listen to your jokes.

All I can do is pour my heart out.

What it would mean to hear you say the words, I love you. To feel warm in your embrace. Spend nights together dreaming, just thinking of our place.

To travel across the world, with nothing but you to keep me safe.

Only my diary knows that I love you. So I’ve decided to say goodbye, goodbye to all my hopes and dreams, Of kisses under the stars.

I’m saying goodbye to you, Even though it breaks my heart. The only way you’ll ever know, Is reading what I have written. What I have written comes from the heart.

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