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Keeping so much hidden.

There's a splitting I can feel.

My heart disengaged and corner facing;

Can I trust You with the real Me?

My little remedies and apothecary relief

Provide a space, a softened place to rest my head.

Weighing deeply into the ground I hide.

Not from You but from the overcast they all emanate.

If You were here I imagine your beaming smile,

Nudging me into your perfect mood,

The one You carry with you with every luminous step.

Like The Sun, brightly incandescent.

A great fire burns in your heart. You are nourishing.

Your thoughtful embrace, my body's needs are met instantly.

We come into this unaware,

Yet with a mind saturated in The Truth.

With time, the cup spilling over the edges;

The precious liquid lost to expectations placed inside

Like large objects.

Displacing all that is good.

Staining the once pure floor;

White marble becomes pink.

You are everywhere.

And I breathe you in on waking,

And eventually on departure.

For I am enveloped into Your infinite Inhale;

As I perform my final Exhale.

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