My dear love
My dear love stories

anamariaherrera Community member
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Letting go of somethings you want end uo being the the things you need to rid yourself of.

My dear love

My dear love,

I never needed you to be my outlet to vent too. Pen and paper have carried me through the worst of times before you. I do not need your presence to feel relief from lifes strain.I never meant to give you the inclination that you were just there to sop up my messy feelings.

My dear love understand that i wanted you. I desired your life force to accompany mine. You had a love that matched mine. There are so many wonderful things about you i miss.

My dear love i had thought your return was what i wanted...however now i believe that isnt so. Untill time convinces me otherwise....I shall depart from you right here, at this very moment .

My dear love with all these beautiful words at my comand none but good bye will do...

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