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Just one of the poems I wrote for myself

By: P.A


by P.A


So love,

L O V E.

It’s meant to mean more than what we think,

but how does one define such an emotion

without knowing the true complexity of ourselves.

I hear on a daily basis that you have to love yourself to be in love with another,

but I don’t know if that’s true.

Because I’ve lived the majority of my life

loving other people without loving myself.

But yet, I don’t know what love is because the concept of it is different to everyone.

Because who I am to validate what you think of love?

Love is something that can destroy worlds and bring them together.

That’s how powerful a single emotion can be.

So it cannot be defined by the complexity of words,

These letters that we give sounds too,

It cannot be expressed by them.

Which is why poets for generations have tried,

but none has yet to capture the true essence of it

because it has no meaning, except the one we give it.

And through life, love will change through different variations

because that is what is true about love.

There will always be a difference in our life that will change everything for us.

Whether it be one single person or action or single determination of ourselves.

We cannot give it meaning without being realistic,

and when being realistic about love it loses its beautiful memories and true power over us.

Because the more we become realistic,

The more we become logical,

More love will die.

Because we are no longer listening to our innate self.

We are listening to the modern day age, the monster we all created

The one that hides behind the “I don’t care” or “Play this game”.

Because we are so deathly afraid of being truly vulnerable,

of letting ourselves be more than just bare bone.

To allow ourselves to feel compassion

Why did we go down?

Why did the world become so cold?

Because we allowed ourselves to forget the true innate feeling of love.

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