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A poem dedicated to everyone we know - you. "You" is the same everywhere, but different for every person as well.


Soft as cotton, cradle dandles the nightmares, Celestial eyes hide the fear of the pain behind, The walls are moaning, concealing memory’s prisoners. You cry. Rarely, rarer with me – too busy, playing your role. You are hideous, what is your burden? With the curve of gentle fingers you froze in my hair, I’m the guest in your emptiness,

With the desert wind of lips you stay in the arc of collarbone, I see your eyes, but only in the worst of the dreams. You are the reflection in the deep waters, The sunset behind the window of mine, Crumpled sheets, a stray frightened cat, I drink your taste like a misty coffee,

You are the crackle of my dying pages, you are The poured crystal glass of the sad eyes, you are The fallen soldier in a war of my «Me», you are Real only there, in the ambit of our broken dream. I’m the guest in your emptiness, I’m not welcomed there, but I’m unhappy as well, I cry like a wounded crow, seeing fathomless passers-by,

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