We Broke Up
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ana_1697 Why do I have Shawn M. pics in my cam?
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WE DRIFTED APART!!! Why won't anyone believe me.

We Broke Up

To the entire world, before you even ask, we broke up. I'm the one that broke up with her. It's hard to even try and explain why.

Because she did nothing wrong, but I still managed to make her cry.

Maybe it was the timing or the fact that our friendship was slipping away with the seconds, or maybe because "I couldn't commit.¨ Well...maybe I didn't want to commit.

Maybe I didn't want the same things that she did. But, NO!!!! No one believed me, said I wanted to break her heart.

Why not make her insecure too and call her ugly? That's the only way anyone will believe me, right? Only when I say that I wanted to break the heart I have spent years trying to fix.

"God!!! Do you know how stupid that sounds? " WE DRIFTED APART!!! Why won't anyone believe me. She was my world, my best friend. There was no one I could love more, but let's just blame it on everything.

Let's work my commitment issues somewhere in there. Why don't we blame it on my skin, personality, or even my sexuality? "You know you never liked that girl anyway". Very very true.

I fucking loved that girl, like I loved no other. But now our fun and games have come to an end, and its over.

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