Tik Tok Goes the Clock
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Jess, Bob, Harry and Mira go on a trip to Mexico. Suddenly one night they find themselves lost in one of the roads of Mexico city. Slowly after some time they finally understand whats going on. Will they ever be able to return home again or will this be their last trip? READ to find out.

Tik Tok Goes the Clock

"Lets get something to eat" said Bob.

Mira and Jess agreed they were starving they were starving. They had eaten nothing other than a sandwich from yesterday. They all went to the nearest food plaza and ordered some food.

"So where's Harry?" asked Jess.

Harry was one of their closest friends. Since Harry lived in Mexico he was supposed to guide them throughout their journey .

"He is gonna meet us at the hotel". said Mira.

"Ok" said Jess

Suddenly they heard a loud burp. Jess and Mira looked at Bob and saw he had devoured a whole bottle of coke. Jess and Mira started laughing. Bob sat there dumbfounded.

After they finished eating they went out it was a cloudy day. They took a cab and went straight to the Hotel Lockwood. After making a reservation they went upstairs to their own rooms.

Suddenly Jess's phone rang.

"Hello" said Jess

"Hello Jess this is Mira" said Mira

"Oh, what happened ?" Jess asked

"Do you remember we have to meet Harry at 4 pm downstairs ?" asked Mira.

"Oh, ok I will call Bob and remind him" said Jess

"Ok" Mira said and hung up.

{Time skip to 4 pm}

Mira, Jess and Bob hurried downstairs each one of them were equally excited to meet Harry after such a long time...

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