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What if everybody's favorite radio demon was . . . not a demon, but a huntsman with a unique semblance who trapped his own soul inside of his radio. How would the world of Remnant be affected? We'll, put on a smile and find out, because as Alastor would say, "your never fully dressed without one."

Remnants Radio Demon

"Hello," Alastor Exclaimed. Cardin turned away from the kid he was bullying to look at Al. "hey pal do you know who I am, get out of here," "Why," Alastor replied.

"I'll give you a good reason," Cardin said running at Alastor but Al just stepped aside and used his staff to trip him. Cardin growled and threw a punch but Alastor caught it and twisted Cardin's arm behind his back. Cardin tried kicking but Alastor responded to the struggle by dislocating his arm.

Cardin cried out in pain. "Oh you cry baby it doesn't hurt that bad," Alastor said dislocating his own arm, "see," Cardin Stumbled away as Alastor put his own arm back in place.

That night Alastor was at the docks sneaking around a shipment of Schnee dust. "Lets see where is the combustion dust," he whispered to himself. Before he had much time to think a bright light shined down from the sky.

White fang soldiers stepped out of the ship and slowly walked through the dock until a human of all things came out and got them working. What suprised him the most though was when Blake jumped down from somewhere and put a blade to the mans neck. 'What have we here,'

The man began shooting explosive projectiles from his cane. "Isn't that the man from the dust shop," Alastor wondered. He laughed at the banana dropped on the hat. But before long Blake and her monkey faunus companion were surrounded. "Seems I may be of assistance," Alastor told himself.

Alastor's staff began loading dust from its stand and fired out and blast of flame. The soldiers stepped back and some of them pointed their guns at him. He began shooting more fire and using his blade to disarm them(sometimes literally). "I don't believe we've formally met, the names Alastor."

"I'm roman and I've got places to be so get lost." Roman shot at Al who dodged it and fired his own weapon. "People these days have no manners, I myself have things to do, headmasters to avoid yet I make time for you," "Stop talking and stay still," Roman shouted.

When the three of them grouped together the White fang soldiers began closing in. "It seems were in for a long night," Alastor exclaims. But begore anyone attacks the white fang soldiers get barraged by swords and Ruby appears with someone Al doesn't know.

When the battle ends Alastor Asks for the girls name and she says its Penny. Alastor congratulates her on being able to end the battle so quickly. Alastor walks toward one of the crates of dust and opens it. "Ah here it is I'll take this, oh and gravity dust I don't mind if I do,"

"I saw Alastor was here, did you see where he went?" Ruby asked the others. "No," Blake said "Who," Sun and Penny asked.

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