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What if everybody's favorite radio demon was . . . not a demon, but a huntsman with a unique semblance who trapped his own soul inside of his radio. How would the world of Remnant be affected? We'll, put on a smile and find out, because as Alastor would say, "your never fully dressed without one."

Remnants Radio Demon

Alastor walked out of the bathroom with his hair now a shade of blood red. He thought it would match his red suit better. He quickly made his way to his room to get his suit and staff. Now that his hair was uncombed his faunus antlers were showing, he was aware of many people's feelings toward faunus but he didn't really care.

He was eager to watch the students. The only problem was Ozpin. The headmaster had told him not to 'try anything' and Alastor knew better than to get on Ozpin's bad side. But messing with the initiation was not on Alastor's mind, he just wanted to get a look at any interesting semblances.

Alastor stopped by the locker rooms on his way to his destination. He saw Ruby and Yang walk out. "Hello Ruby," He called. "Alastor? Hi," Ruby said seeing him. "you dyed your hair red, and you're . . .a faunus?"

"Yes and yes," Al responded. "I thought the red would go with my suit, and when I'm wearing this I like to keep my hair up to keep up the appearance of a faunus," Alastor explained. Ruby nodded. "Well you better be off, you don't want to be late," Alastor warned.

"Who are you?" Alastor turned to see the girl in white frowning at him. "Who are you?" He asked back. The girl just groaned, "you know what never mind." Before she walked out the door Alastor called out, "Smile my dear, your never fully dressed without one!"

Later Alastor had made his way past the group and to the trophy area. "Ah, I remember this, although I don't quite remember who was on my team." He thought for a moment before shrugging and chuckled when he heard the sound of gunfire.

Alastor found a small group of grimm to kill to satisfy his desire for entertainment. He chopped the head off one with the blade that sprung from the base of his staff. The dust cartages rotated on the base and lightning shot from the speaker hitting another grimm. He took care of the last grimm with fire dust.

He compacted his staff and placed it back on his belt. The grimm never realized what had happened. They couldn't see his soul. He laughed, "I do hope that this year will be as interesting as the last time I was here."

Okay, who should Al's team have been. Maybe characters from Hazbin Hotel or oc's or something? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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