A Clone War
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The Grand Army of The Republic, a military made up of cloned soldiers -vs- The Horde Empire, a military made up of clones and advanced robots.

A Clone War

The Grand Army of The Republic, a military made up of soldiers cloned from a fierce bounty hunter -vs- The Horde Empire, a military made up of clones of their leader and advanced robots.

The Republic's clone army is trained from birth to fight and has the best training in the galaxy. Because they are raised together, they have excellent teamwork skills. Different clone legions have different jobs that they are specifically trained to do. Their biggest weakness in this fight is that their star destroyers are not equipped with enough firepower to hold their own without fighters.

Horde Prime's army is a seemingly endless supply of clones who have no individuality, which makes it hard for them to complete certain tasks. There robots and drones can scan an area for threats. Their biggest weakness in this fight is the lack of fighters in their navy.

In this fight, there will be only two jedi, It will be Obi-wan and Anakin. The Rebellion is also taking part in this. This will take place on Etheria in the 2018 she ra show. This starts in the begining of season 5.

"Lord Prime, something approaches on the scanners." "Hmm, yes perhaps this She-Ra has returned to the planet to fight,," he paused to think, "Bring her to me." "Yes, lord Prime," The clone said bowing and exiting the room.

"General, Kenobi," Cody walked up to the generals with Rex. "Yes, Cody"Kenobi replied "Something is being picked up by the scanners, a big something by the looks of it," Cody reported. "Get to your fighters," Obi-wan told them before they saluted and rushed to the hanger. "Well, you got your wish Anakin, seems that we may see some action after all,"

The two jedi hopped into their starfighters and took off with their squadrons. "Anakin, I'm going to take my squad to the ground, can you handle things up here," "Of course, I know how much you hate flying." Obi-wan sighed at Anakin's comment and dove toward the planet.

When Obi-wan reached the ground he led his men toward a spot where the opposing faction was setting up some sort of tower. "Be ready," He said sending a few men to flank the position. Then he rushed out to face the enemy.

A while later When their small ship reached Etheria they saw the giant fleet of Horde ship that they had been warned about.

"Uh, guys," Entrapta said with a worried tone, "look," The group stared out the window at the new fleet of ships arriving, there were thousands of ships. Star fighters poured out of the hangers and angaged the hordes flagships and fighters. "Woah," Adora gasped.

The two groups of fighters crashed into each other, but the horde fighters were heavily outnumbered and the clones had experience with droid fighters. Most of the republic fighters pulled back to their star destroyer which had been boxed in by a group of three horde flagships and was taking heavy damage.

"Whatever, whoever they are they can handle themselves, we should get onto the surface." Catra said to the others. "Yeah," Adora replied, "Your right." They let Melog do its thing, and passed through the blockade.

When the Best Friend Squad arrived on Etheria, they were near a town occupied by the Horde. In an attempt to save the town they encountered Netossa. Spinnerella confronted the group, creating a tornado.

Nearby "Cody, what was that,"Obi-wan asked his commander. "Sir, look its a purple tornado!" Obi-wan saw the tornado and instructed his troops to stay put while he dealt with it.

She-Ra sent a blast of energy at her chipped ally, but the whirlwind just pushed it away. "Don't hold back," Netossa shouted, "She won't!" Then Adora blasted through the tornado with her magic and out of nowhere someone jumped off of the rooftops weilding a glowing sword. The stranger was holding his own against his opponent and even used what looked like magic.

Before they could capture spinnerella she escaped. Thats when Adora decided to approach the stranger. "Who are you?" Adora asked "My name is Obi-wan Kenobi, a jedi knight." "Um, what?" Adora said confused. "I suppose it makes sense that you wouldn't be familiar with that title, it seems this planet never existed before this.

The BFS and Obi-wan's squad traveled together and eventually found the rebelions secret HQ. After greeting everyone the rebellion filled Obi-wan nad Cody on everything they needed to know. One day Obi-wan recieved a transmition from Anakin.

"I'm heading down to the surface now, The clones can handle things from here." "Hold on," Catra exclaimed, "Clones" "Yes, but not Prime's clones. If Anakin is coming then he will bring his squad."

Later Anakin and his squad arrived at a selected meeting spot. Anakin told Obi-wan of the war on the planet between both clone armies and that a distress call was received from the kingdom of plumeria. He arranged for the forest troopers to meet them there.

At the battlefield: The troopers were just barely holding the horde legions back when the robots fried and fell to the ground thanks to emp grenades. The forest troopers fired at the Horde legion, they had a great advantage because of their camoflage.

The republic troopers superior training showed as they were able to push the Horde back to the spire. The republic walkers and speeders came in and helped pick off the remaining clones and destroy the spire. As the dust cleared Anakin and Obi-wan arived at the scene.

Another battle in the crimson waste: A republic outpost was being surrounded by Horde clones the overwhelming number of them was a big problem for the republic. Even with the republics superior tactics, training, and vehichles. The AT-TE gave them an edge though.

The republic troopers thought they were going to get captured until a venator class star destroyer appeared above them along with its arsenal of starfighters bombing and shooting the Horde soldiers at the back so that the troopers on the ground could cut off the ones in the front. Then the republic soldiers locked them up in the destroyer.

Another battle: The Republic troops in the kingdom of snows, were camped out there for days before charging the Horde Spire. The vehichles were the first to reach it and devastated the first waves of defence before the troopers came in to hold the Horde clones back. It was an easy win, the snow troopers were much better equipt for the temperatures and deep snow which was now littered with bodies.

"I see that this isn't working," Horde Prime said to himself. "I suppose I will have to accelerate my plans." He thought to himself for a moment.

Anakin and Obi-wan were defending against more Horde clones than they could handle. Obi-wan's saber was shot out of his hand but Anakin pushed the clones back and crushed the robots into scrap metal. The two barely escaped the onslaught of fire from the clones to get back to the rebel outpost.

"No Adora, you can't," Catra exclaimed. "She has to,"Shadow weaver said. "Whats this about," Rex asked. "She wants to sacrifice Adora!" Catra shouted. "Thatsw not how this works." Rex told shadow weaver. "We can't-" shadow weaver said before she was interupted by a chipped Micah.

"How are things going up there Admiral?" Anakin asked. "We are handling things well, but the Horde navy's flagships are too numerous to make any meaningful advancement." "Okay, well . . I think I know what to do, send clone force 99 into their citadel." "yes, sir." The admiral conformed, "but what about you?" "Don't worry, we have a plan."

The rebellion set up a final stand at one of the spires to let Entrapta get into Horde primes systems. The Republic has deployed the 501st and as many clone legeons as they could spare on the planet.

The Horde was boxing them in where the spire was and no matter how many clones and robots they shot down, more replaced them. They're only hope was to just hold off the army until Adora could activate the heart.

"How much longer do you think this is going to take?" Anakin asked Bow. "Uh-" Then Horde primes image appeared on the spire with Entrapta to reveal devastating news of what he had planned for Etheria. "I need to go finish the program," Bow said. "I can take care of things here, you get it done," Anakin told him.

The republic army was able to hold the line but the numbers of Horde clones made it hard for them. Clones on both sides were being shot down left and right, and they looked to be evenly matched until, the chipped princesses arrived and devastated the Republic, and rebel forces. When Scorpia left the troopers were called off so that SeaHawk could execute his plan to get mermista back.

On the front lines of the battle, the republic troopers were doing well holding off the Horde armyalong with the rebellion and the princesses. Right when they thought they might have a victory, more clones were beamed in and a clone possesed by Prime with Entrapta came in an the ground began to quake all around them.

Then when all hope was lost and they all thought they would die, it stopped, and She-Ra walked out of the wreckage, bringing life back to the battlefield and destroying primes citadel ship.

The starfighters above the planet were spinning, shooting, and evading eachother, and the flagships were locked in battle until the citadel was blasted with energy and a giant tree grew inside of it. Then the Horde ships all went offline, making it a victory for the republic navy.

The Best friend squad, decided to go on an adventure together to restore magic to the universe. The jedi generals and clones said their goodbyes, boarded their ships and went back home, leaving Etheria to the Princesses.

Analysis: In the end even without any interference from the rebelion jedi or any other outside source, the Republic was going to win. This is because they are very adapted to fighting droids and at least 1/3 of Primes army is robots. Also THeir troops have a grater variety for different terrains, which gives them a sharp edge on a plannet with so many environments.

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