Demon Over Me
Demon Over Me poem stories

an_emone Obsessed with obsession
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Demon Over Me

- by an_emone

Got pushed away in a dark hollow, Cold hands on my throat one sets,

For every building fear i swallow, Tighter around my neck it gets.

For every step I take forward, The road behind crumbles down.

For every scream, a whispered word, I'm in middle of a dead dark town.

A panting run towards the end, A dimly lit house.

Opened the door, darkest it went. It's a trap and I'm the mouse.

Muffled screams from all around, Drops of my tears shine.

Frantic I go to source the sound, Stopping to realize it was mine.

Calm it went, screams went low, A thirst quenching breath.

Aching all over, sudden blow. But this isn't death.

Still, I lay on the ground, opening heavy lids to see,

Might have become a plaything, For the demon over me.

Thank you for reading~ XoXo

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