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an_emone Obsessed with obsession
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I’ll go on till the last of death.

Angel They Hate

A soul with me, a soul it is,

A soul with concluded time to stay.

A soul with a cry that I can't please,

A soul I picked up on my way.

A subtle wish to say goodbye

A subtle wish, I can comply.

Another soul unprepared to die,

Another soul, who won't meet my eye.

Then a lonely soul, a silent travel,

A soul from an inconspicuous life.

A soul with none for, to grovel,

A soul I picked from the edge of knife.

A room I go to, filled with prayers of many.

Prayers to cast me away.

A child there stands staring at himself with epiphany,

It's the end of his time to stay.

Blessing is a life, bounty is a breath.

Foolish they are, on life they bet.

And I'll go on till the last of death. For I am the angel they hate.

Thank you for reading....(if you're still here) Love you XOXO

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