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amypat5 Grad Student Who Loves to Write
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Poem 6/16/18



He sits alone, water beneath

His sunburned hair his blushing cheeks

He looks up to the true blue sky

Where clouds float low and birds fly high

And he has big plans tonight with her

And she reminds me of what we were

But things have changed, and I feel different

Yet his talk and gesture are not malevolent

And he gets up and walks back to the beach

Where the crashing waves are out of reach

The sand massages his calloused feet

So that he soaks up hellish heat

And they take a bike ride along the lake

And the pain below just all seems fake-

To me; and when another got engaged with me

It was in front of him and now I feel free

Because lapsed clear was anger and jealousy

And the presence of the sight of we

is more than we will be


and the other, he hasn’t even met my mom, or my sister, or my dad

but lots of love making is yet to be had

and I felt so free when I said yes

when he biked east, and I walked west

the other is funny, clever, the best

I feel like I have taken on a new quest

But all that could have been revolves in my head

And flows out the window, to the moonlight, when I am in bed

And the flickering lights outside are my nightlight

And the sky is almost black and the stars are almost white

And the way they clash is beautiful

As all electricity is purely natural

It’s 11:59, and I am so tired

And I will get less sleep than normally is required

But closing your eyes takes you where you are supposed to be

The unconsciousness lets you loose and sets me free

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