Unknown soldier.
Unknown soldier.


amylonsdale Community member
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A poem about the unknown soldier. It was written on 11.11.2018. Seemed a fitting tribute.

Unknown soldier.

An unknown soldier lies beneath a slab of stone.

Identity unknown.

A life lost, in war greater than himself.

His duty he performed.

For home, for country, for family.

Name lost forever more.

Where did you fall? By whos hand?

A life given in vain. Yet never forgotten.

The unknown soldier, a warning from history.

A message unclaimed by death: no matter how justified, no matter how right, war is still and always will be a crime.

A sacrifice to bring peace, yet a sacrifice in vain.

Demons rose and heroes fell, who remembers their names?

None who fall can rest in peace until the last shot is fired, until efforts are made to fix not destroy.

War on the horizon once more, yet we still look to you as our guide.

From the ashes of war, be our guide to a future of peace.

A fallen soldier, never forgotten. An unknown soldier, always remembered. Never forget all the soldiers at war. They live through history.

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