I am here
I am here 
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amyh Lift each other up ❥
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I am here for anybody 😇 the one thing I don’t like is a person feeling like they can’t talk to me, I am literally here for anyone. You may think you can’t trust me etc but honestly you can! There’s nothing I love more than helping people. And I keep it between us. Which is important to me ❤️ so please send me a message on anything, I will be there for you 😌 no matter what it is you want to talk about, it could be the most random thing, but I’ll still be there!! I love making new friends ☺️ Or if you don’t want to message me, comment a ❤️ And I’ll message you!

I am here

Being kind to people costs nothing

You never know what other people are going through,

They may seem happy on the outside,

But deep down they could be so broken.

They may also feel like they have no one to turn too.

That’s why I want to let you know,

I am always here,

No matter who you are,

Even if you are a stranger and we have never spoken before. If you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t- don’t feel like that! Honestly 😇

I am here for you.

I won’t go telling anybody about your problems etc. because I know that’s what I wouldn’t want..

So please reach out to me ❤️ Send me a message 😊

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