Mornings with you

Mornings with you  #love #mornings stories
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amyh everything happens for a reason ❥
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Mornings with you are so peaceful.

Mornings with you

You are so cute in the mornings

With your messy hair and your croaky voice 

Your arms wrapped around me, holding me tight

Smothering me with sweet morning kisses

Your skin and hair glow as the sunlight peeps through the curtains

You have such beautiful hair

Our fingers intertwine, as you look at me and say “I love you”

I say it back, the alarm goes off again and I pull you closer saying “just 5 more minutes”

I didn’t want this moment to end

You look at me, laugh and say “you’ve said that 2 times already”

I laugh back and say “I know I just love being with you”

You smile and say “me too but I really need to get ready for work”

I give in and say “fiiinee”

You kiss me one more time before you eventually get up and get ready

As I watch you get ready I think to myself how lucky I am to have you

How much I love and appreciate every moment with you

waking up in the middle night to you rolling over and pulling me closer

I can’t wait to spend every day like this with you

It just feels so lonely sleeping without you by my side

But I know it’s definitely going to be worth the wait

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