I don’t believe in holding grudges,
I don’t believe in holding grudges, friends stories

amyh Everything happens for a reason
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I want friends

I don’t believe in holding grudges,

I don’t believe in hate

I don’t believe in having enemies

I don’t believe in judging others

I don’t believe in negativity all together.

But I do believe in

Being nice

Being nice Kind

Being nice Kind Forgiving

Being nice Kind Forgiving And being positive.

No matter who you are or what your background is, I will always remain positive with you. I do not believe in “you can’t be friends with this person because of this...”

I am tired of seeing people not be nice to others because others say they shouldn’t.

That person could be going through hell, so by you not listening to others and Atleast trying to be nice to them, may make them have a little hope.

I love making new friends, although I don’t know how to most of the time I do try.

I love making a difference to someones life, in the best way possible.

I will never bring you any negativity, or bring you down.

I am just a message away, if you feel the same way.

(Hi, I wanted to do this because I really do believe you can be friends with anyone, even if others say you shouldn’t. Why shouldn’t I ? They are not a bad person. I hope this makes sense I am not too good with words

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