22 haikus for every boy i've slept with ever
22 haikus for every boy i've slept with ever sex stories

amygagnon let words be your weapons
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the story of my body in 17 syllables

22 haikus for every boy i've slept with ever

by: ag

one the haiku form is of an appropriate length to describe this fuck

two when i handcuffed you it was so insanely hot i came in my jeans

three we used to have sex so we didn't have to talk now we do neither

four we had a threesome you, me, and my depression depression fucks hard

five i shouted my love from the rooftops before almost jumping off

six you didn't like me but you did like my writing i guess that's enough

seven entangled, twitching we came down as cenotaphs numb with limbless minds

eight you learned of my pain and said you'd try to fix me that wasn't your job

nine you were very large but alcohol and codeine made you not so large

ten halfway through you sobbed said you were touched as a child i stopped and held you

eleven puked everywhere and then fell into a bush you still wanted me

twelve it wasn't awkward it was just double the fun that's arithmetic

thirteen 13 is bad luck but three's a lucky number 14 would agree

fourteen our contrasting skin meant some passerby would stare and we just loved it

fifteen you were a model who found me through my writing thank you, internet

sixteen we made a sex tape i hope i find it before my family does

seventeen i scratched you too hard inadvertently drew blood quickly apologized

eighteen cars drove by as you fingered me at a bus stop (a romantic date)

nineteen we both got naked online for our followers in different ways

twenty "you don't care" you said so i pretended to cry and then we had sex

twenty one you liked taking charge and i went along with it out of laziness

twenty two it took twenty one twenty one misconnections before i found you

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