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amyannice I wonder if I can....
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Things started to get hard, so I thought I would vent.

My Brain

My Brain. Crazy, kooky, weird, wired.

People frustrate me, I like being alone.

I'm so lonely, is anyone there? Help me?

Too noisy, too bright, chaos rules here.

The music helps. I'm calm now.

Sweet notes of peace and beauty.

They're banging again, slamming, shouting.

I hate them. They rattle keys and whistle.

The noise goes through me. I see red.

On the train she's sitting opposite me.

I want to shake her, shout at her, she drives me mad.

She's chewing gum, mouth open, slop, slop, slop.

Fired. Fired? I failed again? I failed again. Of course I did.

I pace too much, I talk too much, I don't talk enough.

I forgot to clean, they don't like me. I annoy them.

Alone again. No money, no job, no friends, no life.

What do I do now? I'm afraid, I'm so alone.

It's quiet now, I can breathe, alone is good.

Nothing left for me. What's the point of me?

Useless, stupid, annoying, failure, pathetic, ugly.

Alone with my brain. It's dangerous here.

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