I watch you walking around the school,
I watch you walking around the school,

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Btw this is a song I wrote about this guy I like. He doesn’t know who I am. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know I exist. I do have a tune but I’m posting it on here because this song isn’t just about the melody, it’s about the pain in the words. I hope u like it .

I watch you walking around the school,

You’ve got about 1000 friends and they all think you’re cool,

But I’m standing on the outside looking in,

And I wish you were out here with me.

All you did was follow me on Instagram,

Now I’m fantasising standing at that alter saying “I do”

I tend to fall too hard too quickly,

And I know that we are strictly,


But I don’t want this to end

And I know you don’t know me but I want to be more than,


Cuz you like the girls with the,

Blonde hair and the,

Blue eyes,

Oh what a pretty disguise,

With the pin thin waist,

And the pretty face,

Yeah I know she’s mean,

But I still wish she were me,

Cuz you picked her over me.

Every now and then you text me little things like,


But I don’t reply because little do you know im dying inside.

Just notice me,


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