Sad Collab and messages
Sad Collab and messages messages stories

amtalamantes What doesn’tdestroy you leaves you broke
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Collab winner and more messages

Sad Collab and messages

So there is more messages and I gotta say i love you guys !

Top one and bottom one are the same thing: Buuuuttt I love them! Trust me nothing hits it like Rick roll just dancing. I mean come on who doesn't love that and two of Them. Umm yays! (I have a link for you in the comments)

The middle one: Whazzzz up bruhhhh! Sorry just in a good moood. Anyways I’m very good thank you for asking.

Now to the real reason why I made this post, even those were extremely fun to do. So I decided to mix it up a bit. I’ll be announcing the one I thought was the saddest. (Don’t worry they were all very sad and deserve recognition, there in comments) The winner is










Cave town- Sharpener @lester_w

Now for what I thought of the songs ...

Cave town-Sharpener A very soft pop, with sleepy lyrics. This one is a sad song and highlights the subject on cutters. As they go deeper into the black almost losing themselves in the pain. It’s an escape for them. A place where no one can ridicule them or tell them they're different from everyone else.

Tate McRae-Slower Clearly about a relationship that isn’t working. It’s also about herself that she can’t find right then. The changes are twisting her and wrapping herself inside out as she tries to take on this problem. It’s a roller coaster for her and all she needs is to take it slow.

Hold on-Chordstreet A beautiful song about someone wanting the other. That's there for them. Even through the tough times and the times where we feel like our own personal demons. He still loves and needs you , in the song. To just Hold on , just a little. (Not to mention my fav song)

Arcade- Duncan Laurence (ft. Fletcher) A broken heart crushing under the grasp of its lover. The mind is ripping and shredding with grief and love that there is not sure how to believe their feelings. That no matter what that relationship was going to fail. No matter what. And the one left standing carried it all.

I won’t count my songs: FINNEAS-Break my heart again Isak Danielson - Ending and Broken Jacob Lee-Demons Cory wells-End of a good thing

All of these are wonderful songs and it was a close call also I’ll make another post with the actual collab. I’ll take two lyrics from each song and make a story.

Honorable mentionable: @toddlerdeku @jerziiiiiiii And ofc @lester_w Thank you for the commenting and being part of this.

Bye luvs and Rock on 🤘 For @toddlerdeku ~ Adriana

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