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Drifting Away are sentences that tell a story of a lost girl with a broken heart.


by ajulista

In these moments...

that pass by everyday I wonder if you think of me. I wonder if you think about how I just disappeared. If you ever thought to wait.

But, perhaps it didn't matter to you so you moved on.

And you made me hear about it till my heart bled. Then I realized I had made the mistake by putting any trust in you.

Sailing across a sea, sending the impact likes ripples.

What I thought our eyes could understand and not need words to explain was just deception. In reality, you were never there to begin with, you eyes floated to others stars in the sky.

I thought you were my moon.

But you were false in every way, that I thought of you in my mind.

So when a comet came into my life

I looked away, because behind exquisite beauty hides the hidden poison of reality. The poison you gave me, which now makes me cynical of the world I live in and its beauty.

It was not even your fault

I was too invested, too imaginative. But now the truth stings that my fantasies that once acted like a shield, has become rather like rotting flesh, a destroyed portion of myself that hurts.

So who am I to blame for drifting away from who I was?

My inner self does not recognize who I am, is it a good thing or a bad thing the heart is confused and it aches to know. But now life wants other things for me.

Guts of steel and a heart of a warrior.

Life wants me to be invisible when I am not. It wants to me to hurt, burn, and catch on fire and express myself. Jump and not be afraid to fall, because it says I will fly.

God has drifted away.

Where he is, he does not say? If he is angry or if his happy I do not know either? My youthful veil of moral consciousness has drifted from the world, and god too seems to be no where in site.

Thanks for drifting away

Soon what will remain are your ashes, and then I might get my answers.

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