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amour "There is no great art without passion."
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A poem about traumas that run deep, shaping who we are, and how we act. Mental health is just as important as physical health and proper recovery is crucial. Please reach out if you need someone to talk to. Thank you for reading!


I've lived life tiptoeing, Keeping my voice down, Afraid to be an inconvenience.

I strive to be seen, As little as possible,

Because being a burden, And being noticed, Often go hand in hand

And yet still I wonder why I'm so lonely...

Perhaps if I spoke up, Made my presence known, It wouldn't be so bad.

Until I recall, How poorly that's played out in the past.

I mean, how could I forget, The memories which haunt my dreams, Every. Single. Night.

How could I forget, The hands that bruised me, Or the words that fooled me...

It's impossible to forget, The blatant lies, The heinous crimes,

That hid behind "friendship" Love, Or anything in between.

So now I'm silent, I avoid new friends, Flinch when I'm touched,

I run from the clutches of nightfall, And work just a bit too hard, To remain unnoticed.

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