The Hunted: The Finale
The Hunted: The Finale suspense stories

amortentia you’re such a fairytale
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The Hunted: The Finale

“How- your supposed to be dead!” I said backing up slightly. “Well....weren’t you surprised?” She said laughing.

“Oooo! Who’s this?” She asked walking over to Dakota. “Leave my boyfriend alone!” I said. “No,” she said pausing to look at me. “I don’t think I will,”

“I said, leave him alone!” I said pushing her back. She fell down as she looked angry. Checking to make sure she didnt have a bloody nose from the fall, she stood back up ans stomped over to me.

“Listen to me Y/N, you do not wanna fight with me again, you almost died the last time.” “Oh, I think I do wanma fight you and your petty self.” “Fine! Have it your way. So I’ll make you a deal, if you win, you and your friends are free to go. If I win, you all become my slaves for eternity.”

I looked at my friends, this was a big risk to take. They nodded. “Y/N,” Kenzye said. “Yeah?” I asked looking at her. “We love you!” “I love you all too.” I gave everyone hugs and kissed my boyfriend.

Katherine got the first push, she slammed me down to the ground as payback for me pushing her. I got up as she smacked me again. She went in for another one as I dodged and hit her. I needed to become more strong, I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I had a few spells up my sleeve.

We ended up both bruised and blood covered over us, I used the spell, the killing spell. While we both died....I ended up saving the ones I love.

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