The Hunted: Part 2
The Hunted: Part 2 suspense stories

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The Hunted: Part 2

Episode 2: The Heartbeat

Grasping my caught foot, trying my best to yank it up and still hold my breath as panic continued to take over my body. “Y/N?” I heard Jesse’s voice call for me. I couldn’t speak. I screamed inside to own head, knowing that wouldnt do anything good.

I felt a hand dip down and touch my shoulder. My eyes widened as I grabbed it with mine. The unknown person dived in as I looked, it was Jesse. He pull on my ankle as I started to lose consciousnesses. Jesse pushed my feet up as the last bit of my awareness swam up to the top.

I gasped as Dakota and Kenzye kneeled down to see that I was okay. Dakota took off his jacket as I sat up. Putting it over me he looked deep in my eyes. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah.” I said coughing a bit and continuing to breathe deeply.

Jesse sat down beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. “Thank you.” I said. “Anything for a friend.” He said smiling. “Im glad my best friend is fine. Don’t know what I’d do without you!” Kenzye said hugging me. “Same here.” I said hugging back.

“We need to stay here and make a fire, get the water made, and get out of here.” Kenzye said looking at all of us. “Correct, we don’t know when those people are gonna find us.” Jesse replied, added to her comment. I stood up with everyone else. With my foot still slightly aching, I stumbled a little as Dakota caught me and smiled, saying, “Careful Y/N!”

No one really knew this but I was in love with him, everything about him was perfect. He had manners, the looks, the charm, the personality, everything. As we all walked to the other side of the lake, we stopped near a group of trees. As we sat our stuff down, three arrows all in a single line hit the trees, we knew then, we weren’t safe.

To Be Continued... (sorry it was short, i want to keep suspense happening)

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