The Hunted: Part 1
The Hunted: Part 1 suspense stories

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The Hunted: Part 1

Episode 1: The Run

“GET THEM!” A random stranger shouted at the four of us. My heart skipped a beat as I pushed the other back, signaling them to run. Jesse darted to the door as I grabbed it, keeping it open, allowing everyone to get out. The screams got louder, and then faint and far away.

We kept running, deep in the open field. Kenzye fell down as we helped her up and stopped to take a break. We were pretty far away, but not at all safe. “Are- are you okay?” Jesse asked Kenzye taking deep breaths. “Yeah,” she began. “Just lost my balance. I couldn’t breathe.”

“We should run into that small forest area, there’s bound to be a lake there.” Dakota suggested. Standing up, I heard very faint screams and a small flash of a red flame. “Yeah, and we better hurry.” I said walking backwards a bit. I stayed down in the field and hid as much as possible, making our way to the forest.

Getting up at the entrance we walked inside. Looking around, nothing but sunshine, and flowers, and baby animals. It was so cute. My humanity was on, we need to get to a house by midnight or my humanity will slowly lose itself.

“They know what we are.” Kenzye said shaking her head slowly. “We need to head to the next town, wherever it happens to be.” Dakota said confident in his remark. Walking, I felt the cool breeze brush my hair back gently. A clean, and beautiful lake finally was present in our eyes.

Jesse walked over, cautiously and kneeled down, dipping a few fingers in the water. “It feels calm, we can’t drink this those, we need to filter it.” “We need to start a fire, to boil it...right?” I asked as Jesse looked up at me. He nodded. “Yes, do you have anything to make one in your bag?” He asked.

I looked over, pushing my hand past all the things in my bag and pulled out some matches. “Ah Ha!” I said, holding up the box of matches. Handing it to Jesse, I tripped and dropped the box into the lake. “I get it.” I said. Putting my hair into a messy bun, I dived into the lake.

Grabbing the box, I try to swim back up, but I couldn’t. Panic...rushed through me.

To Be Continued...

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