Magic | Draco Malfoy | Part 2
Magic | Draco Malfoy | Part 2 harry potter stories

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Magic | Draco Malfoy | Part 2

Me and Ginny and Hermione all walked back down stairs after a few more questions. Ron was talking to Harry as he turned around to look at us. “Oh well isn’t it ms. Girl Talk.” Ron said slightly annoyed. “Well, it is, isnt that you Mr. Hand-me-down Dressrobes.” I said.

“What is it this time Ron?” Harry asked. “She’s got a crush on someone.” “Oh god, who is it?” “No one, besides, how could he fwll for a Gryfindor?” I asked, then instantly regreted what I had said.

“Well it’s got to be Cedric, he has a date, he’s a Hufflepuff and everyone loves him.” “Oh, it’s not Cedric.” Hermione said laughing. I started blushing again as it wasn’t Cedric, but someone, in my opinion, far better. Yes, I did love Cedric, but he’s just a friend to me.

“Okay then, is he from Hogwarts?” Harry asked raising an eyebrow. “Yes, yes he is.” “Hmm...a think it’s a Ravenclaw, she loves reading.” “No, not a Ravenclaw.” Ginny said. “Well I guess it’s known now.” I said getting up. “You like...a Slytherin?” Ron asked astonished. “Yes.”

“How could you possibly like a...a...Slytherin!?” Ron asked confused and dazed at my response. “Students, we are reporting to our third period classes to know the guidelines of the ball.” Professor McGonagall said nodding to all of us We all looked at each other

I looked at Hermione and Ginny before looking at Ron and Harry. “Well come on guys! We don’t wanna be late to potions!” I said grinning. “Why is she so happy?” Ron asked as I heard him while Hermion and Ginny came up next to me and looked at each other excitedly. This would be fun.

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