Guide to measuring fear
Guide to measuring fear fear stories
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amoran Community member
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How do we measure fear?

Guide to measuring fear

It’s funny how fear can be scientifically measured. Documented, analyzed, prescribed for, treated.

But is it not quantitative? Is it measured in meters? Inches? Feet? Is fear measured on a scale from one to ten? Or the number of tears cried? Sweat secreted? Blood shed?

It’s funny how you have to be just a certain amount of sad or a certain amount of scared to get help. A little sad? Deal with it. Medium sad? Talk to this person who is paid to listen. A lot sad? Ok, Here’s some pills to make you happy. You have to be just sad enough to get help.

But how is sad measured again? Small? Medium? Large? Is it the space it takes up? Or the hole it leaves behind? Area? Mass? Perimeter? Is it how many words spoken? Or how many words kept hidden?

I think fear is more of a black hole. Unmeasurable and uncomplying to the laws of science. It’s a moving target.

I think sad is more like an undiscovered planet. Weight is different there. It’s an unnerving silence.

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