How First Love Felt
How First Love Felt love stories

amor2000 I feel what I see and I write what I fee
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His heart was her home
His arms her heaven

How First Love Felt


He was the only one, Who could ever make her mind go dizzy.

His eyes were the only thing, That were needed to keep her busy.

She wanted to follow him, No matter where he'd go.

Their love was a little secret, She never wanted the world to know

Yet she wanted to scream out, Give them all a sign.

They can say what they please, But to her, he was divine.

They knew they were too young, It wouldn't last forever.

So they'd savour every moment, Every minute they spend together.

His heart was her home, His arms, her heaven.

His smile gave her the warmth, Which she could never imagine.

She tried to hide her love, Tried to be subtle.

But then someone said his name, And there came the smile.

Even after years now, The memories make her heart melt.

Yes, it hurts nonetheless, But she loved how first love felt.

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