To the man who had a wish
To the man who had a wish  wish stories

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About a wish a man sought for along time

To the man who had a wish

In the middle of the night at a farm far from the city, a lady was screaming from the top of her lung as she was pushing harder and harder. “Push” the doctor said “With all your might Push”. The pain was getting unbearable but the lady still new what was awaiting her so she pushed and screamed. Aaaaaaaaaaaa

The rain was getting heavier by the second then Lighting struck, and aloud noise followed after that made the people’s ear ring, but then after the rain had calmed down anew voice begun to rise a voice the lady was able to recognise, even though she was on the verge of passing out, she knew it was the sound of a crying baby

With tears on her eyes the doctor Proudly announced the the baby was successfully born and with that note everyone begun celebrating

Except one man, he was the father of the baby. It seemed like it was unreal to him what was happening, all of it seemed to make a memory sequence reappear. It was him and his wife standing near a grave as they gazed at their own son’s grave. As he looked into his new born son he knew he accomplished his wish of finding happiness in his new son the he once lost

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