The walk
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The walk

The atmosphere is foggy, the side walk had a lot of tree leaves that was left from the wind. The ground had fresh water from the rain that poured an hour ago, people were holding their umbrellas in case of more rain. With every step I took I felt more peaceful. Drops of rain started dropping, with every pour someone started running ,except me.

Who I’m I to deny this isn’t my weather it’s just perfect. I reached in my bag to take my umbrella out, Not here, Not here, Not here, oh ____ I forgot my umbrella. I started running to find shelter, but the more I ran the stronger the rain became. “You know what, might as well just sit and enjoy the moment” I thought to my self.

I got out of the side walk and went to the park across the road. I put my bag on the grass and slowly started laying down. At first it was cold from the rain but the more I shifted the more it became comfortable. The grass was smooth with an odour to that of mud, I could feel it all around me as it moved according to the wind.

I saw a drop of rain hit one of the grass and as I focused I started to make out the shape of an ant trying to Get to the peak of the grass. “Maybe it’s just like me” I thought to my self, I gazed at the sky blinking as every drop of water hit me. I closed my eye as I imagined me being that ant 🐜. Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea after all...

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