The earth and the sky and what lies between
The earth and the sky and what lies between  bed time stories

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A story about the earth and the sky and what lies between

By: Me

The earth and the sky and what lies between

Sky: why are you guys split into 7 different pieces and call yourselves continents. Ugh 🤦‍♀️ Earth: well you wouldn’t understand since your all the same, but I decided to split into my children and make them act as individuals

Sky: really that’s the best reason you could give, anyways aren’t those creatures awake yet. Europe: ohhhh you mean humans yeah in my part they are, they are so beautiful and cute 🥰 just like animals but even smarter

Antartica: you really have to make me jealous, but you know at least I get quality people here that are willing to hold the cold, am so proud I raised such strong creatures Sky: jeez look at y’all fighting about something so fragile and weak, heck not even animals will set traps to destroy their kind, anyways talk about my children the clouds

Sky: the clouds are the perfect children, as without them all living things will cease to exist Australia: quite down I want to sleep y’all are just so late to everything that you do everything after me as if I'm from the future .all my humans will grow to become time-travelers.

Africa: y’all arguing here while my beautiful humans are thirsty, clouds you guys had one job and you failed in it, btw America I heard things ain’t going good with your people. You know about the Trump and all. America: oh yeah I’m having the best movie of my existence, but you know they gotta solve it them selves

Sky: well Earth we must quite down now as the rest of the humans are waking up too..... see ya in another eon

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