I Revisited Myself Today
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amityvillemyers ‘Coded’ now being written ✍🏾
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A Hopeful Poem

I Revisited Myself Today

I revisited myself today

The pain

The cries

The joy

The laughs

Just to see if I was okay

I revisited myself today

Back to that lonely place

Where I thought I had no escape

Stuck in a web concentrated with venom

Somehow hope was able to survive and recreate

I must have found a reliable serum

I revisited myself today

Laughing and enjoying the wonders of life

That eliminated my heart and minds unbearable strife

Conjouring the feeling of endless light

Realizing, I can win this fight

Time has freed me from captivity and brokenness

I revisited myself today

And I found that my heart feels jaded

Almost faded

But with the time of reconciliation

My heart is only changing

I revisited myself today,because it’s life-changing

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