Lumity Fanfiction Story Part 2
Lumity Fanfiction Story Part 2 fanfiction stories

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Lumity Fanfiction Story Part 2

After Luz leaves, Amity stays in the library and continues reading her book. As the library gets closer to closing, Amity starts getting ready to leave.

She picks up her books and starts walking home. On her walk home, she thinks about Luz.

The next day at school when Amity is at her locker getting her books out for class, she sees Luz walking in the hallway. “Hi!” Amity calls to Luz as she walks closer to her.

Luz turns and her eyes light up when she sees Amity. “Hey Amity! How are you doing?” “Great!” Amity replies, a little too enthusiastically, but Luz doesn’t seem to notice.

Luz smiles as Amity continues talking. “I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie with me after school.” “Sure, that sounds fun!” Luz exclaims,

“though we both should probably get to class now, our first class starts very soon.” “Ok, bye,” Amity says with a wide grin on her face.

“Bye! See you after school Amity,” Luz. Beaming, Amity waves to Luz as she walks away. She can’t wait for school to end!

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