Lumity Fanfiction Story Part 1
Lumity Fanfiction Story Part 1 fanfiction stories

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Lumity Fanfiction Story Part 1

Amity sits on the floor of the library, reading the 5th book in The Good Witch Azura. She doesn't notice when Luz walks into the library.

"Hey, Amity!" Luz calls out as she walks inside. Surprised to see Luz at the library, Amity blushes. Then after the shock leaves her, she hesitantly waves to Luz.

Luz smiles and walks over to Amity, sitting right beside her. "What are you reading?" "This." Amity lifts up the book to show Luz.

"Do you like it so far?" Luz eagerly asks. "Yeah, it's really good." Amity smiles and Luz does too, but then she accidentally bumps her knee into Amity's leg.

"Sorry!" Luz exclaims, "Are you okay?" Too flustered to speak, Amity stays silent and looks at the ground. Luz assumes that Amity didn't hear her and continues looking at her book.

Amity frowns. She feels ashamed for not saying anything back to Luz and hopes Luz doesn't think she's mad at her.

After a couple more minutes of them sitting on the ground reading, Luz stands up. “Amity, I have to go. I have training with Eda really soon.”

“Oh.. bye.” Amity says, her voice laced with disappointment. “I’ll see you later.” Luz smiles at Amity then rushes out of the library.

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