A sad love story with a twist
A sad love story with a twist love stories

amiswife Shoot for the stars, love<3
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sad story just cuz but yeah..... Hi

A sad love story with a twist

you were there for every game. you came to cheer me on but, every time I looked up at you after a good play you were looking down at something on your phone with a smile on your face.

and after each game I would ask you what you were looking at and you would just brush it off as some cute post or something funny you read.

I could tell there was something different about the way you were acting but I chose to ignore it. that was until the team started to noticed it as well. especially our captain.

"hey isn't that your girl up there? what is she smiling at she hasn't watched one bit" she'd say to me, the other would make small comments but no one said anything more the our captain.

it was our second to last game when she confronted you,

I didn't hear the conversation but I do remember the text you sent me that night telling me that you found someone else while we were dating and admitted you were cheating.

it killed me and the team could tell during practice the next morning. that was the day I learned something new and in the next couple days I felt something new.

I found someone new to fill the void that you left and by the last game I had someone new to cheer me on, someone I new would be paying attention.

though the season was over I'd still get to keep my team captain in my life because though I didn't know she wanted me in hers for the rest of our lives.

timeskip many years I'm now the manager for my wife's volleyball all team and I enjoy every minute of it.

So I'm still alive :D

So I'm still alive :D It's been a bit.

So I'm still alive :D It's been a bit. So here's something kinda sad lol

I will be trying to upload more and I will be working on the sds story again but that may take a lil.

Thank you for reading this lol. Have a good night/day

<3 ~amiswife

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