The Girl in Baby Pink Shirt
The Girl in Baby Pink Shirt valentines-day-contest stories

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I was admiring her by sneaking behind the people in the class and just then, our eyes met.

The Girl in Baby Pink Shirt

She was sitting near the window in her Baby Pink shirt.

I was looking at her hiding behind the people.

She was talking with her friends, about the latest fashion trends.

Something made her smile and revealed her sparkling teeth and was enough to steal my heart. The Sun rays were falling on her silky Brown hair which were something more added to her beauty.

Especially today in her Baby Pink shirt she resembled like a Cotton Candy....ohhhh so sweet!!!!!!

I was admiring her by sneaking behind the people in the class and just then, our eyes met.

I was locked in her deep eyes and started blushing like a stupid boy. Oh my Goodness!!!!!

I controlled myself and turned towards the black board and again my eyes shifted towards her sweet face and again she saw me staring at her.

I again turned and this time I made sure not to turn again as I was already embarrassed of being caught off guard two times.

Now I was being careful as I turned towards the black board and took out my book pretending to write and my silly eyes sneaked again without my permission. My goodness!!!!!

Just then I noticed that she was wearing Black Geeky frames which were perfect match to her mesmerizing beauty. I was admiring her a lot.....because she deserved it!

And soon she again started gossiping with her friends and started smiling, At the same time I instantly was blushing like a tomato. Gosh! What am I doing!!!!!

Her Smooth Brown hair was perfectly tied into a ponytail with hairs falling all over her shoulder. Those Geeky frames exactly suited her pretty face.

Her complexion was glowing in the shade of pink she wore.

I noticed her laughing like a cute little girl with such innocence. I don't know why, but I was still blushing. I reminded myself not to stare at her like a puppy.

I was being such a stupid and scolded myself for being a stupid little boy.

Her sparkling smile was causing me to blush and sent shivers down my body when our eyes met. I liked it when I saw her making gestures when she was talking.

She always made my heart skip a beat.

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